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Eucalypt Magazine No. 60 May 2023

Our archive of Campsis (Eucalypt) Newsletters from 2000 to 2016 is located here



Eucalypt is the AAFGB bi-annual magazine produced in May and November and is an important means by which the Association and its members keep in touch. 

Eucalypt is also an excellent resource document providing news on the ideas, innovation, challenges, events, successes and failures of the members who contribute articles.  Information from the Committee's activities, Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) and other matters of interest to Members are also included.  Originally called Campsis, the magazine was renamed in 2015 to correspond with the AAFBG's new name and logo. 


Members are notified well in advance of each publication to prepare and forward their contributions.  Photographs and information about important calendar events are also very welcome.  Contributions are required by 30 March for the May issue and by 30 September for the November issue.

Members receive both an electronic and posted copy.

Eucalypt is currently produced by the AAFBG Committee, with the distribution by the AAFBG administration.

Eucalypt articles are forwarded by email to  or by post to Eucalypt Magazine, AAFBG, PO Box 445, Buderim QLD 4556.



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Eucalypt Magazine No. 60 May 2023

Eucalypt! Edition 60 of our newsletter. 

Reports from the President Linda Beveridge, and Secretary Bob Ducrou.
Catch up with news from Friends:  

  • Farewell and thankyou from our ex-Patron Dr Phillip Moors AO, page 1
  • Table of Contents, page 2
  • Welcome our new Patron Dr Judy West AO, page 3
  • President's pre-AGM report and post-AGM report, Linda Beveridge, pages 4 to 6
  • Secretary's AGM report, Bob Ducrou, page 7
  • AGM in pictures, page 8
  • Handbury Awards, page 9
  • Celebrating 30 years of AFBG, then AAFBG, page 10
  • BGCI Global Conference delivers, page 14
  • Koalas thrive at Maroochy, Friends of the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens, QLD, page 15
  • Volunteers build a Fernery, Volunteers of the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, NSW, page 16
  • Forty-five years of service, Friends of Adelaide, Mount Lofty and Wittunga Botanic Gardens, SA, page 17
  • Saving plants by collecting tissue samples, Dr Tonia Cochran, Founder, Collection manager and curator, Inala Jurassic Garden, Bruny Island, Tasmania, page 18
  • Wollemi Pines propagation project, Friends of National Arboretum Canberra, ACT, page 19
  • Plants, birds and FOOD (Food of Orange District), Friends of Orange Botanic Gardens, NSW, page 20
  • Women in botany in Australia, Linda Beveridge, President AAFBG, Friends of ANBG, ACT, page 21
  • A Botanical Tour of Gardens of Southern Highlands with the AAFBG, 29 October to 4 November, page 24

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Eucalypt Magazine No. 60 May 2023

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Our archive of Campsis Newsletters from 2000 to 2016 is located here.