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Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden

January 16, 2020

We are deeply saddened to report that much of our beautiful Garden has been devastated by the horrific fires that have now affected and changed all of our lives.

The Garden represents such strong partnerships, friendships, achievements and a labour of love for so many for so long.

Our Manager, Michael Anlezark, is greatly optimistic that there is hope and opportunity ahead as some of our important infrastructure has survived including our beautifully redeveloped visitor centre, café and herbarium.  Our nursery infrastructure has been damaged but is operable and staff have managed to save about 30% of the plants in it whilst out in the Garden 100% of plantings have been impacted with many complete losses expected.

At this stage, the site is very dangerous and will be closed for some time as we start to assess the damage and plan the next steps.

Because of the serious risks no-one is allowed to enter the site without permission.

Eurobodalla Shire Council will work very hard to get the place safe so that many volunteers can return to their roles and ultimately get the gates back open.

On Wednesday and Thursday 8 th /9 th January after a thorough risk assessment the Manager, nursery and horticulture Supervisors were able to get in and carry out some urgent work including moving surviving nursery plants into one area for watering.

Although much of our irrigation infrastructure is damaged a generator was secured and hooked one up to a rainwater tank pump.

Some fallen trees have been cleared and smouldering mulch has been raked away from play equipment (unfortunately too late for the swing at the Play Space). 

The coming week will see a visit by the insurance assessor and an Arborist who will assist in assessing which areas get priority for dangerous tree removal.

Our other main priority will be to get fully functioning irrigation back up to the nursery and power returned to the site within the next couple of weeks.


A few images - one of the workshop, the Children’s Forest Walk and one of the top section of the nursery which shows a stark contrast between what we have lost and what we still have.